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Call to Action

"When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.”

Aldo Leopold


Catskill Conservation is about the natural resources, with land and water being the largest and most essential for respite and recreation. Born out of a respect for the relationship between land, water and humans, Catskill Conservation is a grassroots movement to raise awareness to protect and preserve the wild and special place known as the Catskill Mountains.


You are a part of Catskill Conservation. This is your call to action to be a part of this grassroots movement. Join us in building our conservation community where we each lend a hand to make our area a little bit better each time we are interacting with the resources.

Mission Statement

Catskill Conservation is a grassroots movement for all. It has no one location: it is fluid by design to engender and support existing conservation groups to elevate their efforts and principles that advocate to sustain and protect our local environment. We are a community of adventurers, anglers, artists, birders, builders, caregivers, cooks, creators, day dreamers, foragers, gardeners, hunters, musicians, poets, thinkers, thespians, trail runners, tyers, walkers, woodworkers, writers, and more who are united in our concern and commitment to a place we love. We believe that practicing responsible recreation will develop sound conservation practices for the next generation.